Patient’s Age: 59-years-old
Admission Date: 07/31/20
Admitted From: McFarland Inpatient Rehab
Discharge Date: 10/09/20
Discharged To: Home independently
Length of Stay: 10 weeks
Reason for Stay: Right total hip arthroplasty for periprosthetic acetabular fracture
How did this patient hear about Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Discharge Planner from the hospital

Details of Experience:
Mr. Kenneth L. arrived at the Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing Center on July 31, 2020 from Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital in Lebanon, Tennessee. Mr. L.’s elective, post-operative right, total hip arthroplasty for periprosthetic acetabular fracture was due to a motor vehicle accident, where he fell asleep at the wheel and hit a tree. He was driving and woke up in the Sumner Medical Center ER on 6/30/2020. After being evaluated by the ER team, he was diagnosed to have bilateral periprosthetic acetabular fractures with a loose acetabular fracture and he would need a revision of his total hip arthroplasty. He also had rib and pelvic fractures. On 7/2/2020, Mr. Lackey had an open reduction internal fixation of his right acetabulum and complex revision of right total hip arthroplasty. Surgery was not performed on the left hip and surgeons wanted to wait until it was adequately healed before doing the surgical procedure. Shortly after surgery, he began inpatient rehab at McFarland Rehab Center at Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital.

Mr. L. was ready to begin the inpatient rehab process and get closer to his goal of being discharged back home. During his inpatient rehab, he worked with the therapy team on bed mobility, functional transfers, and supine sitting on the edge of bed. He was also being educated on total hip precautions and about his current weight-bearing status. Mr. L. required maximum assistance with most of his functional tasks and worked in therapy to increase his strength, balance, and decrease his pain. After spending a couple of weeks in inpatient rehab, Mr. L. was ready for more intense therapy services. He was admitted to the Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on 7/31/2020, as he prepared for the next step in his rehabilitation journey.

Upon admission, Mr. L. was greeted by the Unit Manager, Social Service Director, Recreation Director, and other members of the interdisciplinary team to ensure they got to know him working towards meeting his specific needs. He was evaluated by the Therapy Department and created goals with the therapists to help him achieve his goals of going home independently. During his stay, he was able to make a connection with some of the nursing team that worked closely with him during direct care. He shared that the CNA, Santos, was a 5-star employee and that his nurses Andy, Kathia, Mary, and Misty were excellent and took really good care of him.

Kenneth required maximum assistance with all bathing and dressing tasks and maximum assistance with bed mobility and functional transfers. The PT and OT therapy team created a treatment plan to increase His upper and lower body strength, balance and coordination, education on utilizing assistive devices, and functional tasks. It was difficult for the first couple of weeks due to pain and limitations with weight bearing status due inoperative left hip. Within the first month, he was showing progress in balance goals and also bathing and dressing goals. Kenneth decreased the need for assistance with upper body bathing and dressing from maximum assistance to minimum assistance. He also increased his balance from maintaining his balance with the assist of his upper body to support his balance to balancing without support and against moderate resistance. With willpower and resilience, he was able to keep the progress going and perform functional transfers with modified independence from previously requiring maximum assistance.

Mr. L. began meeting the goals the therapists had set for him and he was beginning to look ahead towards discharge. The Social Service Director spoke with Kenneth to set up home health services to ease the transition back home. He was excited to finish this part of his journey, because he soon will begin another, when it’s time to have his left hip repaired from the accident. The Concierge Director spoke with Mr. L. at discharge and he was able to share with her his experiences in the facility and things that the Gallatin Center can work on to make sure we are always striving for a score of 10 out of 10 for our current and future patients. Kenneth shared that the therapy services are great and very helpful. The therapists worked with him and never tried overdoing during the treatment sessions.

Mr. L. discharged from Gallatin Center on 10/9/2020 ready to jump back into his previous routine and experience his new normal at home.

We would love to congratulate Kenneth for his determination and effort that was needed to accomplish all the obstacles that were ahead of him. We are thankful to have met him and share his journey.