Patient’s Age: 53-years-old
Admission Date: 10/30/20
Admitted From: Southern Hills Hospital
Discharge Date: 11/29/20
Discharged To: Home with her fiancé
Length of Stay: 30 days
Reason for Stay: Severe wound on buttock, hypoxia and weakness
How did this patient hear about Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? The case worker at the hospital

Details of Experience:
Ms. Jones was admitted to Southern Hills with an initial complaint of excessive diarrhea, which they believe was caused by antibiotics. She spent six nights at the hospital to regain the fluid she lost, while testing was conducted. When taking her vitals they noticed her oxygen level would drop below 90 on room air. The patient relayed that she had never been on oxygen prior and never really had difficulties breathing. They began her on a course of continuous oxygen during her stay.

Upon admission to Bethany, Ms. Jones was greeted by Admissions, Concierge, Wound Care team, and the Therapy team. All initial evaluations and assessments were completed. Ms. Jones participated in occupational and physical therapy five to six days a week and was seen by wound care two times per week, or as needed. Our main concern was getting the wound healed.

Ms. Jones shared with us that she had a stroke several years back that has affected her left side and has impaired mobility. With that side being weaker, therapy wanted to get her right side stronger than it was before. Ms. Jones states “I am used to living with my left side not being used, so I will be glad when my right side is back to normal and I can be more independent again.” Therapy had Ms. Jones under a two person assist when transferring and their goal was to get her to a one person or stand by assist.

Therapy also had to work side by side with the wound team to make sure that she was not lying in bed for too long or sitting directly on the wound for an extended period of time. Ms. Jones was very ambitious about getting her dressing changed on the wound regularly and making sure she was up and ready for therapy. She stated, “the nursing staff has been very good about coming and checking on me when needed and repositioning me about every two hours so my behind does not get sore.”

Therapy immediately started working on range of motion, strengthening, and transferring from bed to wheelchair and into the bathroom. Ms. Jones shared she can use her left leg more than her left arm but it is still weak. On her first couple of tries with standing Ms. Jones was able to stand with help of two therapists, over the next couple weeks that task quickly became easier and easier for her. She is now able to use the bars in the bathroom to transfer by herself and when transferring from bed to wheelchair and back she can either use a walker that can lock or the sliding board. She shared that she used the sliding board at home a lot and is comfortable with that. The range of motion exercises are for upper and lower body movements, to keep her joints loose and keep her moving. Some of those movements include, arm and leg circles, arm and leg raise in a sitting and standing position, and using light weights for arm movements. At the beginning of therapy Ms. Jones was able to do five arm circles without pain and when she discharged, she was up to 20, or a few more on a good day.

Upon discharge, Ms. Jones shared she is very thankful for the entire team at Bethany and all they have done for her. She states “I am stronger and better than ever, even though one side doesn’t work as well, the other side makes up for it.” We are wishing Ms. Jones a safe trip home!