Patient Age: 96-years-old
Admission Date: 08/14/20
Admitted From: Good Samaritan Hospital
Discharge Date: 11/20/20
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 98 days
Reason for Stay: Fall at Home

Details of Experience:
Mary Vellis is a 96-year-old woman who came to our community on August 14th. Mary lives alone and fell at home. Her daughter lives in the same building and visits daily. She found her mother on the floor in the kitchen. She called an ambulance and was brought to Good Samaritan Hospital.
Upon her arrival to The Willows, Mary was greeted by the concierge, Yehuda. She was introduced to the nursing team and was given a thorough evaluation. She was then evaluated by the therapy team. This includes speech, physical and occupational therapists.

The teams formed their goals and plans for getting Mary back to her apartment as soon as possible. The physical therapy team was focused on getting Mary back to her independent level. When she arrived, she had a brace on her left leg and was not weight bearing. When she left after a short three month stay, she was weight bearing. She is walking with a walker with supervision over sixty feet.

The occupational therapy team worked on building up her upper body strength and activities of daily living (ADL’s). When she arrived at The Willows she was mod assist for going to the bathroom. When she left, she was only contact guard. When she arrived she couldn’t do stairs at all. When she left she was able to do stairs without any trouble. She was even able to climb into her son in-laws big pickup truck, when they came to do a trial run. When she came into The Willows she was min assist for transfers and when she left she was only contact guard. Her therapists said her biggest accomplishment was getting her non weight bearing status changed. She was a fighter and doer especially at her age of ninety-six.

Mary was visited daily by the concierge, Yehuda. She always had a nice word for everyone. She always had a smile on her face and was very thankful.
Upon her discharge, Mary went back to her own apartment. She still has her daughter come check on her every day.

We wish her good health on her new road to recovery.