Patient’s Age: 48-years-old
Patient’s Name: James K.
Admission Date: 01/14/21
Admitted From: St. Thomas Midtown
Discharge Date: Pending
Reason for Stay: Therapy following COPD and heart issues

Details of Experience:
Mr. James was admitted to Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on January 14th, 2021 from St. Thomas Midtown Medical Center for complications with COPD and heart issues. On January 4th, Mr. James was beginning to have some trouble breathing. While working his three jobs at the mission here in Nashville, they decided he needed to go to the hospital. After completing his stay at St. Thomas Midtown, he received a call from Green Hills Center saying that there was a bed available for him to start therapy immediately. He decided it would be a good idea and set out for his stay at Green Hills Center for Rehabilitation and Healing.

When he arrived at the community, Mr. James was unaware of the care Green Hills provided but said that he was pleasantly surprised very soon after his arrival. It was then that he realized that his mom had actually stayed here back in 2016 for a brief period! He was eager to start therapy and didn’t waste any time getting to know his therapy team. At first, they started with simple movement exercises and gradually worked their way up to higher rep counts, even adding weights to the exercises. As therapy continued, Mr. James made lots of friends with the other staff in the community, including the nursing staff. On some afternoons you can even catch him dancing to the jukebox with some of the nursing staff! Mr. James has made some significant progress in the two weeks he has been here and continues to improve with the Green Hills staff backing him up.

When Mr. James is discharged, he is excited to get back to work at the Mission, doing laundry, passing out clothes to the homeless population in Nashville, and helping clean the courtyard so everyone can enjoy it. He makes it his priority to be liked everywhere he goes, and he surely accomplished that goal here at Green Hills Center. We are excited for him to get his life back and look forward to keeping in touch with him while his journey continues.

He has made a lasting impact on the community, just as the community has made a lasting impact on him.