Patient’s Age: 66-years-old
Admission Date: 01/29/21
Admitted From: Tennova Healthcare
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharge to: TBD
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Respiratory failure due to COVID-19
How did this patient hear about Nashville Center? Daughter

Details of Experience:
Ms. Nguyen was admitted to Tennova Healthcare, initially, due to low oxygen at home after being tested positive for COVID in late December. She was admitted to the hospital on December 30, 2020, after her symptoms began to progress from a cough to respiratory failure. Due to respiratory failure, she required intubation on December 31st. She completed Decadron and Remdesivir treatment. Even after that, her x-ray came back concerning. She was extubated on January 12th and failed her swallowing studies, requiring a PEG tube placed. After the hospital felt she was stable, they discharged her to Nashville Center.

When admitted to Nashville Center, Ms. Nguyen was greeted by the excellent nursing staff and therapy team, along with the Concierge and Activities department. The team completed all evaluations and assessments to ensure she would receive the care she needed while at the Center. Ms. Nguyen wanted to return home to her family being independent again, so the team quickly began working with her to help her achieve her goals! Before being hospitalized, Ms. Nguyen was wholly independent and helping her family out. Due to being hospitalized, her independence was temporarily on hold, and she became a total-assist patient. With a fully motivated mindset, physical therapy began working with her six times a week, and she was also receiving speech and occupational therapy five times a week.

The outstanding physical therapy team was utterly dedicated to helping Ms. Nguyen reach her goals of returning to independence. When coming in, Ms. Nguyen was a total assist, meaning she needed assistance doing her day-to-day habits such as walking or using the restroom. Within the first week, Ms. Nguyen was beginning to take steps with minimal help. Ms. Nguyen’s daughter had been there every step of the way, virtually. Ms. Nguyen doesn’t speak any English, so therapy and her daughter worked with FaceTime to help Ms. Nguyen to understand the process of what was going on with her care and her therapy sessions.

When speaking with Ms. Nguyen’s daughter, she stated she had called around to many skilled nursing facilities to find one that would work with her mother with a language barrier. It was very important to the family that staff members Facetimed with her daughter during therapy and anything else she may need throughout the day to help translate. Ms. Nguyen’s daughter said she was very happy she went with Nashville Center. She stated that the therapy team is wonderful and is pleased with her mother’s progress.

Not only is Ms. Nguyen’s physical therapy going well, but her speech therapy is also improving daily after intubation caused voice weakness which made it very hard for her to swallow. She was also on a feeding tube. With Speech therapy working well, her swallowing has greatly improved, and she was able to drink and begin eating foods on her own again! Although Ms. Nguyen is very motivated to get back home to her family, she also wants to make sure that she will be back to being independent to help her family again. With her family and the Nashville Center staff in constant communication, we are devising a plan for her safe return home. We have greatly enjoyed watching Ms. Nguyen’s progress and how incredibly helpful her daughter has been throughout this time.

Thank you for choosing Nashville Center for your rehabilitation and trusting the team to help you during this process!