Patient Name: Randle Ezra
Admission Date: 3/10/21
Admitted From: St. John’s Riverside Hospital
Discharge Date: 4/6/21
Length of Stay: 27 days
Reason for stay: Post covid Rehab, Muscle weakness, and unsteadiness on feet.
How did this patient hear about Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center? From the Social worker at St John’s Hospital.

Details of Experience:
Mr. Randle’s decline started after being diagnosed with Covid 19, which caused him to be especially frail. He was admitted to the emergency room of St. John’s Hospital with difficulty urinating and emptying his bowel. He had not been eating well, which resulted in weakness.

Mr. Randle was admitted to Sans Souci with a diagnosis of altered mental status/fatigue and colitis, which causes abdominal pain. When Mr. Randle first arrived at Sans Souci, he was very sad and emotional; Mr. Randle was visited by our Director of Concierge, Ben, who reached out to his daughter and comforted the patient, making him feel safe and at home.

Mr. Randle was visited by our Rehab team, the Physical Therapist, and the Occupational Therapist, and all together, they determined the goals for Mr. Randle. Upon admission, the patient was unable to do basic things like brushing his own teeth, inability to stand and balance on his own for a period of time, to ambulate on a level surface more than 5 feet and with maximum assistance, and unable to perform bed mobility, meaning sitting up or getting in or out of bet by himself safely. His goals were to be able to complete his hygiene and grooming tasks while in a wheelchair at the sink, to safely be able to dress without the help of adaptive equipment, to be able to perform bed mobility tasks with the use of side rails and proper position himself, be able to perform functional transfers with minimum assistance, and safely ambulate on level surface 100 feet with minimum assistance.

Mr. Randel started right away with therapy, and in the first week, he was struggling a bit as a result of his state of mind. Our Director of Concierge, Ben, spent hours making sure that Mr. Randel was adjusting and getting comfortable at Sans Souci. As the days passed by, the patient was progressing more and more. He was happier, in good spirits, and was reaching all his daily and weekly goals.

Mr. Randle’s discharge date was set for April 6th, 2021. He was going to be discharged home, where he will have his daughter available for extra assistance. As it was getting closer to the discharge date, Mr. Randle was going to be achieving his goals. On April 6th, 2021, Mr. Randle was discharged home and had his daughter pick him up. He was very excited and expressed gratitude to the staff for all they have done.

At his discharge, the patient was able to complete basic needs like brushing his teeth, dress, perform all kinds of tasks and sit up in his bed and to transfer in and out with minimum assistance, and walk 30 feet on a level surface with minimum assistance.

As our team at Sans Souci always does post-discharge, we followed up with Mr. Randle’s daughter and were pleased to hear that he is doing great. It is always a pleasure to hear our residents and their family’s positive feedback on the awesome experience they had with us at Sans Souci!