Director of Concierge: Asher Botknecht
Patient Age: 80 years old
Admission Date: 3/4/21
Admitted From: Beth Israel
Length of Stay: 3 months
Reason for Stay: Osteoarthritis of the knee
How did the patient hear about the Riverside rehabilitation center? Social worker in the hospital.

Details of experience:
When Miss Milan first arrived at the Riverside, she saw many people busy with many different residents; she saw hope in the patient’s’ eyes who were with their therapists, nurses, and doctors. She instantly felt the warmth of every staff member at the Riverside.

She was transported to her room and settled in. The next morning is when everything began. She met all her therapists, doctors, nurses, and all team members, and she saw that this place could help her get back to living life the way she wanted to.

When Miss Milan first began her therapy, she wasn’t able to walk with a walker, let alone on her own. When she did try to walk, she had immense pain shot through her knee. Miss Milan credits the therapists for being there whenever needed. She said from the first moment; she knew that it would be a long road to recovery…the only problem was she couldn’t do it on her own. When she met the staff here, she knew that she wasn’t alone and would be able to do it.

The process took some time. The therapists began with basic tasks: stretching her knee and walking a few feet with her walker. As time went on, she started to walk the entire hallway in one shot. She then started to walk the steps. The first day began with one, and every day she built up more and more strength, to where she now goes to the gym, rides the bike, and does many different exercises. 

Today, Miss Milan can walk on her own with her walker for long walks. She can walk on her own, as well. She walks up steps and can soon move back to her home, where she has steps leading up to her apartment. The difference is now that won’t be a problem for her. 

“The therapist really helped me change the rest of my life. They took me from being a person that was unable to walk, unable to use steps, and can’t live normally, to now…I’m here walking steps, walking around, and feel like a different person. They help you in any way they can and are there for you when you need it most”. 

We wish Miss Milan only the best and will miss her here at the Riverside!