Director of Concierge: Aaron Orschitzer
Patient Age: 75 years old
Admission Date: 6/25/21
Admitted From: Mount Sinai West
Discharged: N/A
Length of Stay: N/A
Reason for Stay: Rehab
How did the patient hear about the Riverside rehabilitation center? Hospital Social Worker.

Details of experience:
Mr. Peter Barron has had an almost 30 year career as the Assistant Director of Equal Employment Opportunity for NYC Health and Hospital Corporation. He analyzed workforce data to see whether individual hospitals or contractors complied with the equal employment opportunity standard. Peter is also a cantor who has led many prayer services in his community.

In 2002 Peter discovered that he had Parkinson’s. When he first received the diagnosis, he managed on his own and took care of himself. Over the years the Parkinson’s would get worse, and he developed orthostatic hypotension. It is a form of low blood pressure, commonly found in Parkinson’s patients. The orthostatic hypotension causes frequent falls. Mr. Barron had a few episodes, but it was not serious, and he did need to go to the hospital.

One day in June of this year, Peter’s blood pressure was very low, and he had another fall. His wife was nervous and called 911, and he went to the hospital. He remained at the hospital for about a week. When it was time to be discharged, his doctor recommended that he consider a subacute rehab facility to help him get stronger. Peter chose The Riverside because of its proximity to his home. He also heard wonderful things about the facility and decided to give it a shot.

When Mr. Barron arrived, he was immediately met by one of the concierges to make sure he was comfortable and had everything he needed. Once Peter settled in, the doctor met him, made sure all his medications were in order and monitored his blood pressure. The day after Mr. Barron arrived, he was met by the rehab team for an evaluation. The team immediately got to work with Peter to help him get stronger and work with his speech. Peter has made tremendous strides towards recovery since he got to The Riverside. Mr. Barron credits his speech therapist for “helping him speak much more clearly since he arrived.” When Peter first got to The Riverside, he was not able to walk on his own. He was nervous that he wouldn’t be able to walk again. When physical therapy met with him, they came up with a plan that would be best for him to regain his strength.  

Mr. Barron has made tremendous strides since he arrived at The Riverside and will be discharged soon. He says that “all the staff has been really nice and accommodating.” Peter also added that “he would not be where he is today, physically, without the wonderful physical therapy team that got him there. His wife added she is pleased with the choice of sending her husband to The Riverside. 

She says that “the therapists are very qualified and have helped him tremendously.”