Concierge Director: Karissa Chiantella  
Patient’s Age: 62 years old
Admission Date: 9/17/21
Admitted From: NYU Langone Winthrop
Discharge Date: 10/17/21
Discharged To: Home 
Length of Stay: 30 days
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation 
How Did the Patient Hear About Glengariff? Prior patient 

Details of experience:

James was admitted to the hospital for bleeding and End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Prior to his hospitalization, James was completely independent. As he spent over a month at Winthrop, he rarely got out of bed due to his low blood pressure. Naturally, walking became a challenge.

James was admitted to Glengariff on September 17th, where he was welcomed into our community by our concierge team, who were there to assist with any questions or concerns. Upon his therapy evaluation, James required supervised transfers, he exhibited insufficient toe clearance when walking and would experience knee wobble. He was determined to walk again, as he did before.

After a week of working hard with the help of his physical therapist, Charlotte, James ambulated 200 feet using a rollator walker on a level surface, needing only occasional cues for transfers. As for his activities of daily living, James needed supervision and setup upon admission. After working with his occupational therapist Mary, he was able to perform tasks with modified independence for toileting, grooming, and dressing.

At the time of discharge, James was able to perform tasks independently, requiring no intervention. The patient was discharged home on October 17th. He was glad that he came back to our community and thanked the team at Glengariff for helping him on his journey to recovery.

Our team at Glengariff wishes James all the best!