Concierge: Deaven Golding
Patient Age: 71
Admission Date: 5/20/22
Admitted From: Acute Care Hospital
Length of stay: Long Term
Reason for Stay: COPD, Anemia, Diabetes, decrease in ADLs.
How did this patient hear about Bethany Center? Her daughter chose Bethany Center because she has heard good things about this community and its proximity to their home.

Details of Experience:

Ms. Jones was admitted to the hospital for acute diastolic heart failure and respiratory failure. After a few nights in the hospital, she was admitted to Bethany Center for further care, and her family looked at long-term placement. Upon admission, Ms. Jones stated she was “weak and not energetic.” She said, “I wanted to come here to regain my strength, independence, and be happy.”

Ms. Jones was admitted to Bethany on May 20, 2022, for COPD, anemia, diabetes, and a decrease in ADLs (activities of daily living). Upon admission, she was greeted by the care transition coordinator and her nurse completed the initial evaluations and got her settled in. The following day, the Director of Concierge Services greeted Ms. Jones, presented her with the welcome bag and welcome book, and proceeded to complete the initial evaluation. She shared with the concierge that her goal upon admission “was to regain her independence and be active again.” She knew she would have to stay motivated to meet her goals. Our highly trained therapists knew she would benefit from occupational and physical therapy services. The therapy team met with Ms. Jones to discuss her goals and see where she was at that point with personal hygiene, ADLs, range of motion, and more. During her initial assessment, she presented with limited range of motion, low oxygen when exercising, unsafe transfers, and unable to ambulate with a walker. Per the therapist’s documentation, she was unable to dress herself without max assistance, could not raise her arms above her head, and could not brush her hair without assistance.

Ms. Jones participated in therapy five times a week for up to one hour daily. She was very eager to get started with her therapy journey. She stated, “I was excited to see my therapists every day and get stronger and stronger.” Her therapy sessions consisted of practicing safe transfers from bed to wheelchair to the bathroom and back, arm exercises to improve strength and range of motion, and ambulating with and without a walker. Over time they included more and more walking and added in hygiene tasks with less and less assistance.

Her favorite things to do in her free time included sitting outside, attending church, playing games such as cards and Bingo, puzzles, gardening, and more! She wanted to get back to doing those activities more independently. When she was not in her therapy sessions, you would find her in the dining room participating in group activities or in her room watching her church services while doing her chair exercises.

After 3 weeks of being admitted to Bethany and being on her therapy journey, she was able to safely transfer to and from her wheelchair, brush her hair without assistance, complete her ADLs and personal hygiene tasks with minimal assistance, and ambulate with a walker! She worked so hard to get to where she is, and she isn’t stopping! Ms. Jones shared, “I am a long-term patient, but that’s not stopping me from getting better every day. I love being here, the staff is so nice, and the activities are so fun!”

We are so proud of our therapy team for providing such wonderful treatment and our staff as a whole for such great care and support for Ms. Jones and her journey!