Concierge: Daniel Farmer
Resident Name: James Riordan
Initial Admission Date: 04/13/2022
Admitted from: Mount Sinai
Length of stay: 79 days
Reason for Stay: Sub-acute Rehab

Details of experience:

One day while at home, Mr. Riordan noticed that his body was overheated. He tried to adjust himself in his wheelchair, and an ulcer ruptured in his stomach when he contorted his body. The pain sent him crashing to the floor, where his stepson found him hours later. The inability to get Mr. Riordan immediately to the hospital is how Mr. Riordan, unfortunately, contracted sepsis. Before any recovery could begin, Mr. Riordan first had to get rid of the infection. After doing some intense PT/OT from his bedside at the hospital, Mr. Riordan took the next step on his journey to recovery.

Mr. Riordan was admitted to The Riverside on April 13, 2022, stating that he had no idea what to expect from his stay, though he had been in rehabilitation twice after hurting his back and neck on two separate occasions. This current trip to the hospital would have Mr. Riordan facing his toughest road to recovery yet, as this would be his first time in rehabilitation since an operation left him temporarily paralyzed and diagnosed with spinal stenosis.

Mr. Riordan took to his new journey with pride and gusto, sharing that he had to get back to relaxing at home with his family though he is in no rush. “What I have at the Riverside is the desire to work and the people to push me to work. Ely got me back on my feet, Nana taught me some really good stretching exercises, and Christian has been my rock. He has helped me with my posture, as well as with my balance.”

Mr. Riordan is not ready to go home just yet. There are still some goals he would like to accomplish before returning home. “I can stand and take a few steps, but I want to regain my limited independence. There are just a few things I know that I can do for myself, and with the time that I have left here at The Riverside, I know I can get it done.” 

Mr. Riordan shared that The Riverside has some real rock stars. From the previously mentioned PT and OT crew to my Aide, “Blondie,” “You guys really took care of me. The Riverside was a diamond in the rough, I truly was not expecting the level of care that I received.”