Concierge Name: Daniel Wolf

Patient Name: Robert Blass

Patient Age: 48

Admission Date: 11/03/22

Admitted From: Montefiore Medical Center

Discharge Date: TBD

Discharge To: Home

Length Of Stay: TBD

Reason For Stay: Right Above-Knee-Amputation

How Did This Patient Hear About Sans Souci: Our Exceptional Marketer

Details of Experience:

Robert Blass arrived at Sans Souci Nursing Home and Rehab on 11/03/22. After a challenging stay in Montefiore Medical Center, Robert came with a renewed sense of vigor and motivation for the journey ahead. He had to stay in the hospital for an extra month because of a bad fall he had there. Robert had a right above-knee amputation and knew he would have to find somewhere for therapy. That’s when our amazing marketer, Ivy, walked in and talked about the many spectacular residents that work with our amputee walking school. Ivy and Robert then face timed with 3-time paralympic gold medalists and the 2 people who would change Robert’s life, Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler.

After a phone call that motivated Robert even more, he decided the right place for him would have to be Sans Souci. Mr. Blass arrived at Sans Souci and quickly adjusted to his new surroundings. The first person he met was our fantastic CNA, Bridgette. “Bridgette was really amazing, and she’s on top of everything. No matter who you are or how much you speak with her, she always knows what you need,” Robert shared. He also met the recreation team right away and developed a special bond with them. He became an honorary member of the recreation team when he helped them make a ton of decorations for the holiday season. What started as a way to keep Robert’s mind busy quickly turned into something he enjoyed and looked forward to doing. It was then time for Robert to sit down with the therapy team and come up with some goals for him to strive for.

They identified goals and therapy plans to improve his balance, to improve his leg strength, and to improve his ability to transfer. After a few short weeks, Robert was crushing all his goals. He was able to stand for two minutes without support, a major improvement from the beginning when he had to be supported to stand. He also improved from barely being able to walk 10 feet with moderate assistance to being able to walk 60 feet with only contact guard assistance. Mr. Blass can also now perform functional transfers by himself, an improvement from the start when he needed a lot of supervision to do it safely. When asked about his therapy experience, Robert can’t stop smiling. “Joel is definitely the best Director of Therapy that I’ve ever seen run a team, and it definitely shows in my progress,” Mr. Blass shared. “Eric Moore and Angel Regalado, my therapists, also played a big part in my progress. The therapists really work with you and discuss why they’re doing what they do”.

Robert Blass will be discharged back home real soon, and a lot of our staff and residents will miss him. He is looking for a place close to Sans Souci to continue therapy once he leaves because he’d like to stay close. He’s going to continue to help our recreation team with their decorations and activities in his free time. He also wants to stay close to all his friends that he made here at Sans Souci. Robert has really become a motivational image for many of the residents at Sans Souci. Being able to see someone like Mr. Blass has made a huge impact on residents and staff alike. He’s had motivational discussions with a lot of our residents that were truly impactful and changed how hard they were working.

We wish him nothing but success and happiness in everything he does, but we know anything he does, he does it right.