Director Of Concierge: Meleah Haley
Patient Name: Danny Milam
Patient Age: 77
Admission Date: 1/20/2023
Admitted from: Southern Hills Hospital
Discharge Date: 3/9/2023
Discharge To: Home
Reason for stay: Fracture of Left Femur
Length of stay: 48 days
How did the patient hear about Trevecca Center? Case Manager at Southern Hills Hospital

Details of experience:

Mr. Danny Milam was admitted to Trevecca Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on January 20th, 2023, from Southern Hills Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Milam was initially admitted to Southern Hills due to falling in the shower at home, which led to his fractured left hip. Once he arrived at Southern Hills from West Tennessee, he was operated on immediately. Mr. Milam has never had surgery before or any injury, so this experience was new for him.

Mr. Milam heard that Trevecca Center had one of the best rehabilitation programs in Middle Tennessee, he shared that he trusted that our community would get him where he needed to be. Upon his arrival to the community, our rehabilitation team immediately began working with Mr. Milam. The goal was for the patient to be able to stand independently and walk without a walker once he was discharged home. Mr. Milam still had some generalized weakness after his procedure, so he required maximum assistance with his transfers and his toileting tasks and minimal assistance with bathing.

Each week, Mr. Milam was making strides and success toward his recovery Mr. Milam shared with Concierge services that he did not want to go home until he could get around independently and that he was determined to take full advantage of our rehab department. Since Mr. Milam is from West Tennessee, his wife spent most nights with him in the community to provide comfort and support during his time of healing. Mrs. Milam believed that it was important for her to be hands-on with Mr. Milam’s journey toward recovery to provide him with the assistance and care he needed once he returned home.

Mr. Milam’s Physician said he would need at least 3 months of therapy before returning home. Mr. Milam successfully completed his program with us at Trevecca within 8 weeks! Mr. Milam stated, “I must say that I have been blessed enough not to experience much pain during this process, just soreness from time to time.” During his last couple weeks of therapy, Mr. Milam could walk over 50 feet!

Mr. Milam is involved with his local community and tends to his farm, which is what he most looks forward to upon returning home. He shared that he plans on taking it day by day as he resumes his hobbies and duties on the farm. Mr. Milam wanted to give a special shout-out and thanks to his Therapists, Allie and Jessica, and our Transportation Director, Shell, for always being supportive and attentive to his needs. The Trevecca team is thankful and honored that we played such an important role in Mr. Milam’s journey.

In conclusion, Mr. Milam wanted to encourage anyone with a similar experience: “Work hard, and push yourself as much as YOU can.”