Congratulations to our Professional of the Year, Zeina Khaled, Speech Language Pathologist at The Phoenix Rehabilitation and Nursing Center!

Zeina Khaled has been a team member at The Phoenix for over four years, beginning in January 2017 as a Speech Language Pathologist in the community.

As of July of 2020, Khaled also took up an administrative role in the department. She is a phenomenal team member who loves what she does and has shared that her job does not feel like work- that she does not go to work to be thanked or recognized, but to assist her patients.

“Giving my residents their voice and finding new ways for them to communicate with their loved ones is a reward enough for me,” Khaled expressed.

Khaled has shared that her nomination is the biggest honor she could ever achieve, and she is so grateful for the warmth and appreciation she has been shown.

We are so proud that not only has she been nominated, but she has also won for the 2021 year!

Congratulations Zeina Khaled! You are #TheVitalLink!