Amputee Care

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Gold Medalists Join the Gold Standard

CareRite Centers is proud to partner with Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler, Paralympic Gold Medalists who have mentored over 20,000 amputees worldwide. We are proud to offer the best resources available to our vascular and diabetic communities.

The Amputee Walking School

The Amputee Walking School was founded in 1989 by Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler3 time Paralympic Gold Medalists, 1988 Seoul Paralympics, and fastest leg amputees in the world!

Upcoming Amputee Walking Schools:

(For more specific information in regards to times, please call the community).

    • May 1st: Chatham Hills
    • May 2nd: Pittsburgh
    • May 8th: The Grove 9:30, Sans Souci 11:30, Enclave 2pm
    • May 9th: Riverside 9:30, Phoenix and Chateau
    • May 16th: Trevecca Center, Quality Center
    • May 17th: Bethany Center, Gallatin Center
    • May 20th: St. James, 11am
    • Grand Pavilion: approx. 2pm
    • May 22nd: Emerald Peek, 9:30am
    • May 30th: St James, 1pm

    • June 5th: Beeghly and Oasis
    • June 6th: The Riverside
    • June 7th: Chatham-10am, Chateau-2pm
    • June 14th: Ramapo-9am, The Grove-11am, Sans Souci-1:30pm, Enclave-3pm
    • June 15th: 5:30-8:30- Walking school event- Pittsburgh region
    • June 16th: Pittsburgh
    • June 19th: 11-1- Phoenix physical therapy in Lebanon; Quality Center and Trevecca Center
    • June 20th: Tennessee (Quality and Bethany Center)

    • July 6th: Cortlandt Healthcare
    • July 10th: The Riverside
    • July 11th: Pittsburgh Communities
    • July 12th: Chatham Hills
    • July 24th: The Chateau and The Phoenix
    • July 25th: Sans Souci and The Enclave
    • July 31st: Tennessee Communities

Todd Schaffhauser became the fastest above-the-knee amputee sprinter in the world. His 100 meter time is 14.55 seconds.

Dennis Oehler became the fastest below-the-knee amputee sprinter in the world; his 100 meter time was 11.73 seconds. His time was less than two seconds behind then Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis.

As Amputee Sprinters for over a decade, Todd and Dennis have trained well over 20,000 amputees worldwide and educated more than 75,000 therapists in advanced gait training techniques for amputees. They are accredited nationally to offer up to 1.5 CEU credits for Case Managers.

The Amputee Walking School is an accredited CEU provider throughout New York State for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, and occupational therapist assistants. They have established amputee walking schools in 24 cities and 10 states around the country.

The Carerite Difference

Mobility is essential to maintaining an independent lifestyle. In the event of an amputation, CareRite’s Amputee Training and Rehabilitation Program is at the forefront to help you attain the highest level of mobility possible.

We are proud of our partnership with Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler, paralympic gold medalists who have helped over 20,000 amputees worldwide.

Passionate about assisting amputees, we are making a difference in our CareRite Communities!

The Carerite Amputee Training and Rehabilitation Program

All of our PT’s, PTA’s, OT’s, and OTA’s have attended the three hour advanced gait training course for amputees given by Todd and Dennis. They are available to illustrate the proper execution of these techniques for the amputee while also continuing to motivate our clients through their journey.

The Carerite Amputee Walking School Program

The Amputee Walking School program is an in-house program which builds off of everything that the amputee learns going through their rehabilitation at our communities. The training program is run by Dennis and Todd and takes our patients to the next level of their life skill goals. All amputees are invited to attend this program. Within the structure of the program, a true Amputee Support Group evolves.

The Carerite Amputee Mentoring Program

Dennis and Todd mentor patients contemplating amputation and those amputees who are new to our communities. This is accomplished in person and Dennis and Todd are always available to mentor patients via phone conversations and Skype or Facetime video chat.

About Our Mentors

Dennis Oehler became a below-the-knee amputee at age 24 as a result of an automobile accident. Dennis was determined to resume his athletic endeavors and qualified for the 1988 Paralympics Track and Field Team. In Seoul, Korea he set the world record for the 100-meter event in 11.73 seconds and won gold medals in the 200- and 400-meter events.

Todd Schaffhauser became an above-the-knee amputee at the age of 15 as a result of cancer. Determined to regain an active lifestyle, he pursued competitive athletics for the first time in his life. In 1988, Todd qualified for the Paralympics Track and Field Team and won a gold medal by completing the 100-meter event in a time of 15.77 seconds. In the 1995 World Games in Germany, he broke his own world record by running the 100-meter in 14.55 seconds.