Case Study
Community Name: The Riverside Premier Rehab & Healing Center
Patient’s Age: 84
Discharged To: Atria Assisted Living
Length of Stay: 1 Month and 20 Days
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation and physical therapy to help with he walking.
How did this patient hear about The Riverside?
From her daughters.

Details of Experience:
Resident came to our community for rehabilitation; she needed to gain strength and help with walking and balance. This particular resident has a family member with public relations and marketing capabilities- so TR team was again put to the “test”. It was incredibly important to have our entire team working together seamlessly on all ends of the rehabilitation process in order to ensure this residents complete recovery. Communication and giving it 110% was vital. And yet again, the amazing staff at TR came through, with flying colors.

The residents family members had many requests, and matters that needed attention with regards to her recovery process. From the physicians care, to nursing staff on the floor, to the therapists, and even housekeeping and environmental departments, everyone’s skills were required to ensure a happy, tranquil stay.

Right from day 1, the entire team out their best foot forward. The Resident loved every staff member she came into contact with! She was met by every department head, and shown how much we truly care about our residents. Slowly but surely, our Therapy team yet again did what they do best! Our resident gained her strength back and started walking again! It was an amazing process to watch- I got so see her every day and follow the progress. She was thrilled with how our nursing staff treated her and the bright, clean, stunning room she stayed in.

On a communications level, this was a crowning achievement. Every issue that needed to be taken care of was appropriately distributed to the correct department and “jumped” on in real time- keeping the resident and her family happy and smiling.

The resident enjoyed all The Riverside had to offer. Besides the Physical Therapy, she specifically mentioned our Recreational department in the discharge survey. She conveyed how much fun she had with them, and loved all the recreational therapists.

We truly gave her a complete and thorough rehabilitation in body, mind and spirit.

Another great job by Team Riverside, and I am proud to have been a part of it all.