Case Study
Community Name: Cortlandt Healthcare
Patient’s Age: 74
Discharged To:
Length of Stay:
Reason for Stay: Failure to thrive
How did this patient hear about Cortlandt Healthcare?
From Daughter who is an ICU Nurse at a local hospital

Details of Experience:
We have a resident who came to Cortlandt Healthcare with a feeding tube, failure to thrive and low weight, 107.5lbs. He would take nothing by mouth, he would try to vomit. We sat him down and discussed with him that we are working for his benefit. Jimmy, the CNA would strongly encourage him to walk everyday and rehab worked very closely with him. Eventually he started having a positive outlook on things and he started eating and drinking little by little. The speech therapist started feeding him. Now he is eating real foods, taking medication by mouth and he is having the feeding tube removed! He presently weighs 127.8lbs and is almost ready to go home! However he wants to stay with us because he really loves it here!