Patients Age: 90
Admission Date: 10/31/14
Admitted From: Winthrop University Hospital
Discharge Date: 12/15/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 46 Days
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation for Fractured Humorous
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion?
Debbie from Carenext informed the family to come for a tour.

Details of Experience:
Patient is a 90 year old male admitted from Winthrop University Hospital on 10/31/14 with a diagnosis of: Rib fracture, Muscle Weakness, Atrial Fibrillation, Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes Type II, Difficulty Walking, Cognitive Communication Deficit, Hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease.

Patient is married and has been married to his wife for 61 years. On their way to the hospital because of complaints of chest pain while the pt was driving with his wife as a passenger, he accidentally crashed the car into a pole then was hit by another car.

Both the pt and his wife stayed at the Grand Pavilion for their rehabilitation needs. We were able to accommodate them to stay in the same room and they were very appreciative of all of our accommodation.

With a tremendous amount of hard work, incredible family support and the remarkable rehab team he made a milestone in his recovery. He now lives back at home with his wife.

“The care offered by the nurses and specially the certified nursing assistants immediately put me at ease. These are amazing people who truly care for you amongst a variety of physical and emotional needs. Their superb service is provided with compassion, smiles, humor and caring attitude. These people are a blessing and angels in our book. The physical and occupational therapy department has a staff that has worked strongly together over the years. They are knowledgeable and present your therapy in a positive environment.” R.P.