Patients Age: 72 Years Old
Admission Date: 9/12/14
Admitted From: SBUH
Discharge Date: 12/1/14
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 80 Days
Reason for Stay: Congestive Heart Failure
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North Suffolk Cardiology Group

Details of Experience:
Gilbert Bernhard was admitted to St. James after a hospitalization at SBUH for heart failure and a placement of a LVAD. Previously, Mr. Bernhard was a resident at St. James and was on a Milrinone drip that was monitored frequently by a RN in preparation for his LVAD placement. Upon his admission, Mr. Bernhard was noted to have weakness, an unsteady gait, and a decline in overall ADL functionality. He attended PT and OT six times a week to improve difficulty with ambulation, balance, and ADL functionality. He also attended cardiopulmonary with the respiratory therapist weekly. Education was provided for him on his LVAD and the functioning. He was able to self test controller of LVAD, document the MAP, Speed, flow, PI, and power of LVAD, and transfer himself to and from battery pack independently upon discharge. Through compliance of medications and treatments, attending therapies, and following up with his physician and the LVAD coordinator Kathleen Newton NP, Mr. Bernhard made great strides both medically and functionally. Upon his discharge, he was ambulating with limited assistance, mainly for safety purposes, and he was able to transfer, perform ADLs independently, and proper care for LVAD.