Patients Age: 55
Admission Date: 11/29/14
Admitted From: HVHC
Discharge Date: 2/21/15
Discharged To: home
Length of Stay: 56 days

We had a resident that was admitted to CHC on 11/29/14 status post hospitalization for Ascites, pneumonia, seizure and a past medical history of HTN, CAD and pancreatitis. Upon admission this resident required supplemental oxygen, had periods of confusion, overall edema and required extensive assist for all functional mobility. This resident was evaluated by PT and OT and was placed on a restorative program with both disciplines six times per week. The progression was slow but with support from our interdisciplinary team this resident was able to achieve her goals! After approximately two months at CHC this resident was discharged to home! She was independent with all upright activities using a rolling walker and was able to perform all of her activities of daily living as well!!