The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation and Nursing at Rockville Centre was proud to share with the Rockville Centre and Nassau County community, the Chambers of Commerce, as well as their supporters from the hospital and healthcare communities their inaugural ribbon cutting on Thursday, April 23rd.

The Grand Pavilion, founded in 1969, has elevated rehabilitation and healing to fine art, offering cutting edge techniques and individualized care, ensuring their patients the highest level of recovery. The community was honored to share this beautiful evening and showcase their new Rehabilitation gym and resident suites since the completion of their multi-million dollar renovations.

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony and cocktail hour, the festivities moved to a fabulous dinner and reception, adorned with flowers, an illusionist show, as well as a glass blowing station for all attendees.

Also, as the Grand Pavilion recently partnered with Arts Unchained, a smaller organization within FNE International, CareRite donated $2500 to FNE International on behalf of Team Grand Pavilion and all of their hard work on the community service project. FNE has many projects which include building houses, building libraries, creating water systems providing domestic violence services, and more; the team and its residents collected over a car full of school supplies for the children in Nicaragua!

The Grand Pavilion for Rehabilitation and Nursing at Rockville Centre- ReNEWal truly happens here!

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