Patients Age: 90
Admission Date: 01/25/15
Admitted From: Overlook Hospital
Discharge Date: 04/25/15
Discharged To: home with wife
Length of Stay: 67 days
Reason for Stay: Hip and Shoulder FX
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center? Patient is local Chatham Township Resident

Patient was admitted to Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center after his stay in Overlook Hospital due to a shoulder and hip fracture as a result of a fall. Upon his admission, the patient demonstrated complications from the fractures which resulted in him needing 24 hour oxygen. He had increased weakness, a complete decline in ADL function, unable to transfer, and was unable to ambulate. He attended physical therapy for balance and gait training to improve transfers and ambulation status. He attended occupational therapy to improve ADL self care, bed mobility, and functional mobility. Prior to his stay with us he was unable to dress or shower himself without any assistance. Patient worked closely with his doctor and nurse April on weaning off of oxygen use. Every day, April would take his pulse ox and as it increased he would rely less and less on the oxygen. He was also followed by our wound care physician, Dr. Kane, for a wound on his right elbow. His elbow healed during his stay and no further injury was noted in that area. Due to his physical therapy and occupational therapy, upon discharge he went home with his wife without relying on oxygen. He was able to ambulate with a cane, dress himself, transfer and shower with some assistance. Patient hugged and kissed every staff member he worked with and thanked us all for giving him back his life.