Patients Age: 85 Years Old
Admission Date: 4/7/15
Admitted From: St. Lukes
Discharge Date: 4/21/15
Discharged To: Hospital-Seizure
Length of Stay: 14 Days
Reason for Stay: Weakness
How did this patient hear about The Riverside? Was introduced to one of our Marketers at the hospital.

Resident and family were in a tough spot. They needed to make a decision regarding skilled nursing facilities to continue the rehabilitation process- the list was long and unfamiliar. It was a troubling time- and a hard decision to make. Enter Riverside Marketer! One of our uniquely personable marketers out in the field was introduced to the family and future resident. With a smile and a reassuring demeanor, he calmly explained about The Riverside and what we offer as a skilled nursing facility. The family and resident were amazed at the professionalism and warmth he showed them- true care.


A few days later, the resident arrived. Our marketer “handed off” the resident to our team here, and let us take over. All of our departments shot into gear and showed this family the truth behind the words of our marketers. Up to par on every level, going above and beyond for our residents on a constant basis, the road to recovery was paved with a bond between our staff and this resident unlike any other.


Thought the experience, our marketer who brought them to us stayed in touch! He would check up on them periodically with a phone call and even stop-in in person, to see how their doing. Any issues or concerns brought to his attention from the resident or family was immediately directed to our departments and staff through the admissions department. This gateway, along with working closely with the concierge department, ensured a tight, well working process in which we are able to ensure the comfort and happiness of our residents.


Thank you to our incredible marketing team out there in the field- your work is vital to the true renewal we strive to attain for our residents.

Another job well done by our team!