Patients Age: 58
Admission Date: February 10, 2015
Admitted From:: Burke Rehabilitation
Discharge Date: June 2, 2015
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 111 Days
Reason for Stay: Cerebrovascular Disease
How did this patient hear about San Souci: Hospital

Patient was admitted from Burke Rehabilitation to Sans Souci on February 10, 2015. He was admitted secondary cerebral embolism with right side hemiparesis forcing him to need extensive care with all his ADL’s. Upon OT/PT evaluation, he required a Hoyer lift to transfer him from bed to wheelchair. Despite given a negative prognosis in the Hospital following his stroke, he made steady progress with the skilled services from Sans Souci’s rehab department. Initially, he came in with slurred speech, required extensive assistance with all ADL’s, and required retraining to use his right upper extremity and right lower extremity, and was non-ambulatory. During his stay, he received Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, and Speech therapy. With tremendous hard work, a proper rehab plan of care and a multidisciplinary approach, he Is now able to perform his ADL’s with limited assistance, ambulates with a tripod straight cane over level/uneven surfaces and ascend and descend 14 stairs with minimal assistance need, and has demonstrated drastic improvement with communicating his essential needs. Thanks to our incredible Therapists, Ramon, Jonathan and Giada, who worked tirelessly to ensure that he would experience a renewed life following his discharge home on June 2, 2015