Patient Age 60
Admission Date: July 03, 2015
Admitted From: Jefferson Hospital
Discharge Date: July 20, 2015
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 17 Days
Reason for Stay: Rehab post hip-replacement
How did this patient hear about Forbes? From her daughter who lived close by.

Mrs. BS was a 60 year old woman with a history of DJD of bilateral hips, Hypertension, Carpal Tunnel and Herniated disk of the lumbar and cervical spine. Prior to admission here at Forbes Center for Rehabilitation and Health Care Mrs. BS presented with low back and pain in her hips. She was followed by the surgeon at an outside hospital who realized the need for a left hip replacement. Mrs. BS was admitted to Forbes Center on 7/3/2015 for rehabilitation after having a left hip replacement. During her stay at the facility she received Nursing care, Physical and Occupational therapy. Upon admission Mrs. BS required physical therapy to help with her transfers, standing balance and ambulation due to decreased mobility after her surgery. The initial physical therapy goals were for Mrs. BS was to ambulate 50 feet with supervision, to increase her ability to do light housekeeping and activities with minimal assistance.

Forbes provided professional care for this patient who needed assistance with mobility, activities of daily living and ability to ambulate up the steps. Upon discharge from the facility Mrs. BS was able to ambulate 100 feet with assistive device, demonstrate modified independence with completing light housekeeping, and also to have the ability to climb stairs.
Mrs. BS made great strides in reaching her therapeutic goals here at Forbes.