Patients Age: 79
Admission Date: May 22, 2015
Admitted From: White Plains Hospital
Discharge Date: August 31, 2015
Length of Stay: 3 Months
Discharge To: Home
Reason For Stay: Rehab needed
How did this patient hear about The Grove?: Social Worker at White plains

Resident went to hospital due to a fall, caused by a small stroke. He injured his back and shoulders and wasn’t able to be discharged back home without first going to a SNF for Physical and Occupational therapy. Choosing The Grove was a wise decision!
Resident was brought to his room on the 2nd floor and was immediately greeted by all staff with warm smiles and names.
He was greeted by his therapists, Frank and Marion, had his personal evaluation and his journey began. It wasn’t an easy process. Resident had arrived on a stretcher, he couldn’t walk, dress or even eat by himself. It was a steady process, full of hard work, motivation and perseverance by himself and his therapists.
After 3 months, the resident was discharged home! In his exit meeting, the resident had this to say about The Grove:
“Rehab here is number 1. Frank is the greatest. He really rehabilitated me. Marion is also great. Together they got me where I am today. The nurses here are superb. Every one of them. The accommodations were nice and they placed me with a roommate I got along with. “
Resident surpassed all goals we set for him – he is leaving independent. Walking with a walker, he can now dress and eat himself.
Before he left, the resident was touched by one of The Groves dietary aides coming to give him a farewell hug.
Another job well done by The Grove ☺