Patients Age: 81
Admission Date: 9/29/15
Admitted From: Roosevelt
Discharge Date: 10/22115
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 24 Days
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation for Mobility
How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Social Worker at Roosevelt

Miss C. Esposito was admitted to our Community on September 29, 2015. Four months prior to her being admitted to The Riverside as a patient, had two strokes followed by pneumonia. Miss Esposito was unable to walk also due to some of the other illnesses she has.

Upon her admission our very highly skilled and trained rehabilitation team met with Miss Esposito and her family and prescribed Physical and Occupational Therapy. Miss Esposito had PT everyday from 11 until 12 and then OT from 3 until 4 in the afternoon. Miss Esposito and her family could not express enough their happiness with the level of care and attention Miss Esposito has been receiving everyday here at our facility. They all pointed out how the therapists have the patients for every singly patient but are also so encouraging to get our residents back to themselves.

Miss Esposito’s daughter was so happy that her mom enjoyed all our recreational activities here at The Riverside, specifically our Lunch with the Chef program. It really gave her mom a chance to feel like she was in a restaurant and being out and about.

Miss Esposito and her family also loved everyone who worked on the 13th floor from the CNA’s to all the nurses and doctors, everyone always had a smile on their face and was always on call to help. The Esposito family always felt comfortable pressing the call button as it always no matter what time, day or night, greeted with one of our friendly staff at The Riverside.

Upon discharge, Miss Esposito will receive OT and PT at her home in addition to having a nurse stopping by every so often just to monitor and make sure she is feeling great. Miss Esposito said, “I feel great and I’m ready to go home!”

It was a pleasure to have Miss Esposito at The Riverside wishing you all the best and stay healthy!