Patients Age: 74
Admission Date: 8/31/15
Admitted From: Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/5/15
Discharged To: LTC
Length of Stay: 36 Days
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation for Mobility
How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Referred from Hospital

Patient was admitted to The Riverside back in August of 2011. Prior to his admission, he had a severe stroke which caused him to be completely paralyzed and was on life support for 6 weeks.

When he arrived to our community, all of our very highly skilled and trained team members assessed and evaluated the patient and his therapy began right away. He started off from not being able to move a finger to being able to walk with crutches. He says that he is a medical mystery and a miracle at the same time, he never thought he would be able to walk again and now he is walking outside and could not feel more accomplished.

Patient has a real debt of gratitude to all of the staff members at The Riverside for everything they have done for him. He specifically pointed out our amazing Rehabilitation Team together with our Nursing Team who tended to all his needs and of course helped him get back on his feet. Patient feels that a lot of credit goes to all the staff members that were so supportive throughout his journey, always giving him encouragement that helped him get to where he is today.

Patient feels that he is blessed to be part of The Riverside; he is currently a resident on the fourth floor and partakes in a lot of our well arranged Recreation events. He also hosts an activity of his own every Sunday afternoon where residents can come and talk about experiences in their lives that makes them smile. It is a success and residents look forward to it all week.

We would like to wish him the best of health and success and it is an honor to have you as part of The Riverside Family.