Patients Age: 78
Admission Date: 12/22/15
Admitted From: Mather
Discharge Date: 1/23/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 32 Days
Reason for Stay: Syncope
How did this patient hear about the Riverside? SW at Bellevue Hospital

Details of Experience:

Patient was admitted to St. James Rehab Center after his stay in SBUH due to an episode of syncope that resulted in a head injury. Upon his admission, he had increased weakness, decline in ADL function, difficulty transferring, and was unable to ambulate. He attended physical therapy for balance and gait training and to improve transfers and ambulation status. He attended occupational therapy to improve ADL self care, bed mobility, and functional mobility. Along with PT and OT, he worked with the respiratory therapist for cardiopulmonary rehab. He attended cardiopulmonary rehab weekly and made great strides; his ability to perform activities, ambulate, and endurance without fatiguing improve.

In addition to PT and OT he worked with the speech therapist due to dysphasia. During his stay he was followed by the cardiologists of North Suffolk Cardiology due to his extensive cardiac history. He also was followed weekly by the wound care doctor for skin impairments to the face and left foot. Both impairments healed during his stay and no further injury was noted to the skin. Due to his compliance with his medication regiment and the education he received, he remained stable through out stay. Upon discharge great improvements had been made in his ability to perform self care, ambulate, and transfer.