Patients Age: 72
Admission Date: 12/2/15
Admitted From: Danbury Hospital
Discharge Date: To be determined
Discharged To: Anticipated Home
Length of Stay: Remains at The Grove
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation
How did this patient hear about Grove Center?
SW at Danbury

Details of Experience:

Patient was admitted to The Grove in early December, 2015 on a regular consistency diet with apparent difficulties swallowing not only regular, but all diet consistencies, as well as his own saliva. This SLP recommended a FEES evaluation which determined a serious pharyngeal dysphagia with silent aspiration for all diet consistencies as well as his own saliva. There was an immediate order for restriction from oral feeding with a recommendation for a feeding tube. Within a few days he was transferred to the hospital for Peg tube insertion.

Patient returned to the facility at the end of December with a feeding tube in place and without any oral feeding. At the time of readmission the patient had to be orally suctioned in order to avoid aspirating on his own saliva. Dysphagia therapy commenced immediately using a variety of exercises and techniques to facilitate an effective swallow as well as a productive cough to manage secretions.
After approximately 6 weeks of therapy, Patient was able to manage his own saliva and demonstrate the ability to swallow after trials with trace amounts of puree desserts. Thus, the FEES test was rescheduled. The results were outstanding! The Patient passed the test and has begun to receive small amounts of puree dessert and honey thick liquids.

Patient, family, SLP and all staff were thrilled. We were all crying that day! These kinds of successes remind me of why I love my work!

Phyllis Ayman, MS/SLP,

The Grove at Valhalla