Patients Age: 55
Admission Date: 5/20/16
Admitted From: Lenox Hill
Discharge Date: Tentative June 15
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 26 days
Reason for Stay: Short Term Rehab
How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Mom was resident during Kateri days.

Details of Experience:

Miss C. Fahey was admitted to The Riverside on May 20, 2016 after suffering a very bad break in her femur bone. Miss Fahey required surgery and started her recovery at Lenox Hill Hospital where they then transferred her to The Riverside for short term rehab. Miss Fahey remembers her first encounter with The Riverside when one of our patient liaison’s visited her while she was still at the hospital recovering. Miss Fahey mentions almost immediately that it was so friendly and personal to see that The Riverside has representatives out in the hospitals to assist and streamline the transition for patients in the hospital to The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing Center.

Miss Fahey explains her experience at The Riverside in her own words, “I broke my femur, it was a freak accident, the kind that can happen to anyone at any age. I was familiar with this place a few years ago and it has changed traumatically it’s been upgraded and the experience has been wonderful. The Riverside is a hidden gem, the staff work so hard to make you the best you, you can be. I have been inspired and encouraged all along the way. The physical and occupational therapists are wonderful, the nursing staff are friendly and accommodating I just can’t say enough about The Riverside. They take their therapy very seriously and everyone works really hard to make sure you get better as soon as possible.”

Miss Fahey has since been participating in daily physical and occupational therapy sessions, it has been hard work but she feels extremely accomplished. She sees progress every day and really looks forward to her therapy sessions. The staff have been extremely accommodating to all of her needs and have been assisting her in her recovery in every way.

Miss Fahey will have to undergo another surgery in the fall and says that without a doubt she will be returning to The Riverside to continue with her physical and occupational therapy. We are looking forward to be at Miss Fahey’s side along her journey to ReNEWal™.