To our CareRite team of Professionals,
I wanted to take a moment for personal self-introspection and to internalize the emotion and gravity of what today, 9-11, means to all of us as parents, siblings, children, care providers for those in need, and as Americans at large.

As a country our core and foundation was shaken, but we collectively stood back up, rebuilt and were steadfast in our belief as we always are that tomorrow will be better. We have all committed our lives to providing genuine care for those in need, and it is that passion, love, and non-negotiable mission that drives us daily to provide a warm smile to a heartbroken family member and a helping hand to someone who is just getting back on their feet after weeks of sitting in a wheelchair. We often see people at their lowest points, and it is our resolution as the highest standard of healthcare professionals that is a direct correlation to our staff and resident’s continued successes.

Let us reflect on the memory of today’s unfathomable loss to truly appreciate OUR staff- our most precious resource- who are the catalysts of what make us strong leaders, our patients who enable us the opportunity to heal, rehabilitate, and bring them to a state of ReNEWal™, and most importantly, our families who stand by us and should never be taken for granted.

Let us never forget those that fell on 9-11, and our cherished heroes that lost their lives to help those in need.

I thank each and every one of you for the work you do, and for doing it in the special way you do; for our communities, our residents, their families, and our staff. I am sincerely grateful.
We will never forget.

Akiva Rudner, COO