Patients Age: 85
Admission Date: 5/24/16
Admitted From: Phelps
Discharge Date: 8/31/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 3 months
Reason for Stay: General Weakness/Deconditioning

Details of Experience:

Resident arrived to the Grove with a primary diagnosis of generalized muscle weakness. He had secondary diagnosis including histories of repeated falls, abdominal pain, cellulites, and spinal stenosis. He was in visible pain, and was itching to be back to his independent self again.

The welcoming team at The Grove did their upmost to make him feel safe, comfortable and secure.nThe concierge met him at the entrance, bringing him up to his room with a warm confident smile. He then proceeded to guide the resident through the admission process; personally introducing him to the team and all staff that will have direct interaction with him on a daily basis on his road to recovery. Things were going well: resident was taking to his therapy plan, eating all meals and participating in recreational programs between rehab appointments.

This is when the resident received tough news: a close family member of his passed. It was devastating for the resident to get this news whilst being a resident of a SNF, and feeling so disconnected. The team at The Grove accommodated resident with an out-pass to allow him to go to the burial ceremony with his family. Upon returning, the staff was on high alert, understanding the need to give this resident extra special TLC and care with extra compassion. We didn’t want him to fall behind in his personal wellness journey, although we did understand he was going through a tough time. The recreational department went above and beyond to ensure the resident’s emotional needs were met and felt like a part of our family while with us.

Just as things were starting to look positive, yet another piece of hard news came through: yet another close family member had passed away.
Again, The Staff at the Grove went above and beyond to ensure resident has the proper tools to get to the memorial and burial ceremony. Special car transfer classes were given to resident and his family members that were planning on bringing him to the programs. Again, the staff truly turned the TLC meter up, visiting resident multiple times a day to make sure he was okay. Thankfully, a couple of months later, the resident left The Grove back home, with tears of appreciation in his eyes and a hopeful glint in his eye as he looks to his now-brighter- future, bringing with him the tools he gained while at The Grove.