Patients Age: 67
Admission Date: 2/19/16
Admitted From: NYP Columbia
Discharge Date: 8/1/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 5.5 months
Reason for Stay: Short Term Rehab
How did this patient hear about the Riverside? SW NYP Columbia

Details of Experience:

Miss Bennua was admitted to The Riverside from NYP Columbia hospital on February 19,2016. Miss Bennua at first noticed her lower knew was hurting so she went to visit her doctor and thought she would just be getting a cortisone shot. After examining Miss Bennua, the Doctor sent her straight to the hospital ED where they found a blood clot on her lung. After several days at the hospital Miss Bennua arrived to The Riverside to receive short term rehab and was greeted by the interdisciplinary team, assessed and evaluated and put on the best rehab program there is to offer.

Miss Bennua went to visit her Doctor for a three week checkup at the hospital where she was told that she has lymphoma and that she would need six sessions of chemotherapy with each one three weeks apart from each other. Miss Bennua returned to The Riverside where she continued to get the therapy she needed all while going for chemotherapy sessions every three weeks. After the fourth session of chemotherapy they stopped and Miss Bennua had a hysterectomy which left her with thirty five stitches.

Miss Bennua then returned to The Riverside to recuperate and continue receiving the amazing therapy she was already receiving where she was able to reach all her goals and be discharged back home. Miss Bennua’s last session of chemotherapy will be this coming Thursday (August 25,2016) and she couldn’t be more excited. Miss Bennua explains in her own words; “The Riverside Rehab was my home for several months and I was lucky to have a great uplifting room, the sun would rise at 6:00am and all I had to do was watch the ceiling to watch it go down.

The staff was great, Ms Sanchez and Woody always made sure I had the little things I liked. Thank you to the nursing staff on the 14th floor who kept me going and to the Concierge crew who had an open ear to all my stories. I am grateful that The Riverside Rehab got me back on my feet and thank you for the great care I got at The Riverside.”