Patients Age: 79
Admission Date: 9/28/2016
Admitted From: Morristown Memorial
Discharge Date: 10/12/2016
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 15 days
Reason for Stay: Repeated falls, muscle weakness, difficulty walking
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? Previous rehabilitation patient in March 2016

Details of Experience:

Nancy is a 79-year-old female that was admitted to Chatham Hills Subacute Care Center after an inpatient stay at Morristown Memorial Hospital. Prior to her hospitalization, she was completely independent. She was fully treated at the hospital for frequent falls and was stabilized prior to admitting To Chatham Hills Subacute. Upon arrival, the following short and long term goals were established:

  • Patient will safely perform bed mobility tasks with independence with use of side rails and 0% verbal cues for safety awareness in order to transfer in out of bed
  • Patient will safely perform functional transfers with independence and 0% verbal cues for safety awareness
  • Patient will be able to push up from arms of a chair without falling in order to safely return to private residence.
  • Patient will safely ambulate on level surfaces 300 feet using a rolling walker with independence and a normalized gait pattern 100% of the time with reduced risk for falls to increase independence with all functional ambulation.
  • Patient will increase dynamic standing balance and use righting reactions 100% of the time to right self without falls in order to reduce the risk for falls.

After completing both physical and occupational therapy to successfully attain all desired therapeutic goals, Nancy made noticeable, consistent progress. Her functional abilities progressed as a result of skilled interventions and she reached maximum potential with skilled services. Upon initial evaluation, she required maximum assistance for transfers and had increased difficulty walking and wheelchair mobility, requiring increased assistance. Nancy was discharged having achieved all of her goals with safe wheelchair mobility and walking with the assistance of a platform walker. As a result, she was able to return to her private home completely independent!