Patients Age: 78 Years old
Admission Date: 11/17/16
Admitted From: Saint Joseph Medical Center
Discharge Date: 12/31/16
Discharged To: Community
Length of Stay 44 Days
Reason for Stay: Joint Replacement Surgery
How did this patient hear about Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center? Patient was admitted prior

Hazel was admitted to Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on November 17th, 2016 from Saint Joseph’s Medical Center post joint knee replacement surgery. She also presented with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, hypertension and anemia. Upon Hazel’s initial assessment for therapy, she presented with having her functional limitations constantly in pain, as displayed by decreased range of motion, weakness and leg length discrepancy (LLD), which required extensive assistance with functional mobility.

More specifically, Hazel was unable to ambulate or transfer due to the aforementioned impairments requiring total assistance from caregivers. While at Sans Souci, Hazel always had many supportive visits from her friends and family whom encouraged her to achieve her goals. The from Haze’s support team reassured her optimism in healing and drive for successful outcomes. Hazel began to make strides as her journey progressed. The team at Sans Souci felt that her success was grounded upon her perseverance and constant motivation. The professionals within the Sans Souci community took great pride in being that additional support system to succeed.

At the time of discharge, Hazel was able to ambulate up to 100 feet with assistance of a rolling walker. She was also able to perform functional transfers from various surfaces with SBA and ascend/descend 12 steps with minimal assistance. Sans Souci is very happy to grant Hazel’s wish for the holidays in returning home to her loving and supportive family.