Patients Age: 76 days
Admission Date: 10/14/16
Admitted From: Methodist Hospital
Discharge Date: 1/17/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 96 days
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation
How did this patient hear about the Phoenix?

Details of Experience:

Ms. Ellis was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center after an inpatient stay at The Methodist Hospital due to a right leg amputation. Upon hospital discharge, she was introduced to the Amputee Walking School program hosted nearby at The Phoenix as well as surrounding CareRite Centers nationwide. She was subsequently excited to meet Todd Schaffhauser and Dennis Oehler, two Paralympic gold medalists who lead the comprehensive program. As the world-class amputee support program was offered and explained to Ms. Ellis, she was very much excited to take advantage of the training, educational and mentor program facilitated through the Amputee Walking School.

Upon arrival, she noted to be very emotional, but she continues to build internal encouragement to return her functioning and ability to support her once daily routine. After positive motivation provided from her therapist, she began to emerge and experience great achievements through rehabilitation. Ms. Ellis has been care planned to participate in therapy, both physical and occupational, up to six times per week.

She later received her prosthesis to support ambulation and begin training. The therapists, who were clinical trained by Todd and Dennis to specialize in amputee care and rehabilitation, educated her on how to balance and utilize the prosthesis. She was also very excited to meet Todd and Dennis in person. They motivated her and opened a world of possibilities and goals as an individual undergoing an amputation.

Nearing the end of her therapeutic regiment, she is now able to ambulate with her prosthesis for more than 200 feet!

Ms. Ellis shared, “It was really nice to work with Todd and Dennis. My physical therapist, Casilda, is just as professional as Todd and Dennis. Working with all of them just made me feel much more confident than before!”