Patients Age: 84
Admission Date: 12/27/16
Admitted From: Mount Sinai West
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: TBD
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Short term rehabilitation
How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Hospital network

Details of Experience:

Mr. Miltiades was admitted to The Riverside with a diagnosis of Scoliosis, which is commonly known when someone possesses a curve in their spine and the curvature causes difficulty in mobility. He was admitted to Mount Sinai West Hospital for a primary diagnosis of Hematuria (blood in urine), and also complained of having some recent falls at home. The staff at Mount Sinai West were able to treat the Hematuria, but felt that due to his recent falls at home, it would be best to have Mr. Miltiades transferred to a rehab center for further physical and occupational therapy.

Mr. Militiades arrived on December 27th to begin his therapy where was immediately greeted with open arms to The Riverside. The staff were present in making him feel feel right at home. In his words, “I have never experienced such compassionate, caring and capable people in my entire life. The staff that work here are truly set apart from everyone I have ever come across. I have been to other places like this and I have to tell you the management that is done here is the best I have ever seen, you guys are really the pinnacle of care”.

When first meeting Mr. Militiades, everyone was blown away with his positive outlook on life, despite his long, invested recovery. He always expressed the positivity in everything. His motivation and drive served as an inspiration to everyone around him.
Mr. Militiades began therapy immediately and truly pushed himself while his spouse stood by his side everyday giving him the support he needed. Mr. Militiades says with confidence, “The therapy here is absolutely exceptional, like I said I have been to other facilities like this and I have to say the therapists and the program they provide you does not exist anywhere else. I go down to the gym and I do my best and I will even do exercises on my own that they have taught me. I am really doing great work here and I hope it continues.”

Mr. Militiades closed with sharing that he would recommend The Riverside to anyone that is need for rehab and he truly feels blessed and thankful for having the opportunity to recover and rehabilitate at The Riverside.