Patients Age: 66
Admission Date: 12/9/16
Admitted From: NYP-HVHC
Discharge Date:
Discharged To:
Length of Stay: 34 days
Reason for stay: To improve bed mobility, gait and balance, decrease risk for falls, increase core strength, ambulate without assistance and enable improved bathing and dress techniques.
How did this resident hear about The Emerald Peek? The patient was referred to the community through case management at the hospital.

Details of Experience:

Thomas was admitted to The Emerald Peek with the following diagnoses: traumatic pneumothorax, multiple rib fractures due to a fall, difficulty walking, hypertension, monoplegia of lower limb due to stroke, hyperlipidemia and depleted gross motor function. Thomas was fully dependent for ambulation and transfers as well as requiring moderate to maximum assistance with activities of daily living. Thomas lived in a group home within the community prior to admission. The goals as identified by the care team’s discharge plan was to improve functioning enough to stimulate transfer to an assisted living facility; his initial estimated length of stay was 45 days.

During assessment evaluation, Thomas presented with very good rehabilitation potential, beyond what was expected by the group home or the hospital. Our rehabilitation team set aggressive goals for Thomas. These goals included independent transfers, ambulation and independence with all activities of daily living. One of his biggest challenges was standing balance. What is a simple function for healthy adults was the most difficult for Thomas. The rehabilitation team created an individualized treatment plan for Thomas, such as uneven graded exercises and open chain kinetic exercises. This treatment plan opened the door for Thomas to exceed his initial goals quickly. Within 34 days, Thomas was ready discharge to his new home!

Here are Thomas’ baseline measurements and goals achieved during his stay:

Bed Mobility
Baseline: Modified assistance
Discharge: Independent

Baseline: Total dependence
Discharge: Independent

Mobility during ADLs
Baseline: Total dependence
Current: Modified Independent

Baseline: None
Current: 150 feet independently with supervision

Standing Balance
Baseline: Unable
Discharge: 2 mins without assistance

Baseline: Moderate assistance
Discharge: Independent with supervision

Baseline: Maximum assistance
Discharge: Fully independent