Patients Age: 70
Admission Date: 1/16/2017
Admitted From:  St. Mary’s Hospital
Discharge Date: 3/3/2017
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 48 Days
Reason for Stay: Fall with Fractures, T8
How did this patient hear about Jupiter? Family

Details of Experience:

Dianne Cook is a 70 year-old woman who lives independently. Dianne retired from the banking industry and cares three to four days a week for four small children all under the age of 5. After a fall at home, Dianne was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital with multiple fractures, spending ten days as an inpatient. After being discharged from the hospital, she was transferred to Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center for skilled nursing care and rehabilitation. Dianne was very anxious to begin therapy, especially being as active as she had been prior to falling. Her main focus was to receive intensive therapy and build strength while at our community.

Week 1-2 of Dianne Cook’s stay:

Mrs. Cook made quick progress within the first week of rehab. She demonstrated the ability to use a rolling walker to perform gait training 50 feet with contact guard assistance while hopping on her left lower extremity to maintain the non-weight bearing restrictions to her right lower extremity, which was casted. Mrs. Cook was also able to practice modified activities of daily living techniques to improve toileting and lower body dressing to a moderate assistance level using adaptive equipment.

Weeks 2-3 of Dianne Cook’s stay:

Mrs. Cook continued to demonstrate excellent progress improving her gait distance to 60 feet with only standby assistance to maintain the non-weight bearing order to her right lower extremity, which was still in a cast. She improved her sit-to-stand transfers to only set up assistance by the therapist. Dianne also was able to progress to a minimal assistance level for toileting and lower body dressing utilizing the training and techniques that were reviewed during her occupational therapy sessions. Dianne was anxious to return to her orthopedic physician to discuss her progress with therapy and to possibly gain new weight bearing status changes to hopefully transition to a Cam Walker boot to allow her to return to a more “normal” gait pattern in preparation for her discharge home with her family out of state.

End of Dianne Cook’s stay:

Mrs. Cook has achieved weight bearing as tolerated with the use of a walker and a Cam boot on her right lower extremity through her determination and hard work with physical therapy. Diane is now able to walk 100 feet with standby assistance and is able to perform all of her ADLs with minimal assistance using a reacher, long handled shoe horn, and a sock aid. Dianne’s goal of being able to travel via plant to go live with her family in Massachusetts is very attainable in the next week to two weeks. She has made excellent gains so far and we expect nothing but further progress in the near future!