Patients Age: 67 days
Admission Date: 12/13/16
Admitted From: Methodist Hospital
Discharge Date: 2/8/17
Discharged To: Home in Florida
Length of Stay: 56 days
Reason for Stay: Hip Fracture

Details of Experience:

Ms. Manfre was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center on December 13, 2016 from New York Methodist Hospital – Brooklyn for rehabilitation in result of a post-hospitalization for a hip fracture. As promised, she was offered a private room to accommodate an anticipated large volume of visitors, whom would assist in her recovery. She was pleased once she saw the beautifully renovated space at The Phoenix.

Ms. Manfre was warmly greeted by the nursing supervisor and escorted to her room upon admission. Within the first 24 hours, she was greeted by therapists, social services personnel, the community dietitian and concierge. Her goal was to walk 200 feet without any supervision. She was non-weight bearing and required assistance with all functional mobility and activities of daily living. She requested that she have the weekend off; therefore, she was subsequently assigned a rehabilitation schedule of Monday through Friday.

During her rehab journey, she began with lightly hopping with assistance. After three weeks, she followed her individualized plan of care that our therapy team had crafted for her patient-centered experience, which would facilitate weight-bearing movement. She worked very hard alongside her therapists with the motivation and intent of returning home to her loved ones.

On February 8th 2017, Ms. Manfre was discharged home. Upon discharging she shared, “Thank you to everyone at The Phoenix. I was able to move to Florida because of all your staff. I felt stronger and I am independent again.”

Ms. Manfre wa able to ambulate up to 300 feet and walk up two flights of stairs with supervision when returning home, which significantly exceeded her initial goals!