Patient’s Age: 77
Admission Date: 1/26/17
Discharge Date: Stony Brook University Hospital
Discharged to: Home
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Elliot suffered a fall and subsequent weakness post-fall
How did this patient hear about St James? : Elliot heard of St. James through the community.

Details of Experience:

Elliot S. first arrived to St. James on January 26th 2017 from Stony Brook University Hospital. Elliot had fell and became very weak in his legs and came to St. James for rehabilitation of his lower extremities. Elliot’s goal when first being admitted to St. James was to be able to go home and be with his wife within two months. Elliot shared, “I expect your rehabilitation and healthcare services are as good as they are rated.” It then became our goal as a community to go above and beyond his expectations that he had had.

Elliot was quickly welcomed into our community by each department at the time of his admission. Elliot was very impressed on how well each department worked together. He stated, “The way you guys work together is amazing, your system is clearly working well. “ When asked about the staff, Elliot expressed that it was not a one man team that makes him happy to stay here. Each team member is as good as the next. Your staff that works 3:00 – 11:00 PM is just as good as your staff that works 7:00 – 3:00 PM. When I ring the call bell I get a rapid response, your housekeeping team is fantastic, and the rehabilitation services are teaching me how to walk again. I would rate the community a 9 out of 10”. As each day went by Elliot was getting stronger and stronger and became able to do more and more activities. Just a few, short weeks after his fall, Elliot pushed himself to be able to walk with a walker.”It is hard work but the rehab team really gets me motivated to better myself”.

Elliot has been in St. James for just about a month now. His physical strength has improved quite rapidly throughout the weeks along with his emotional status. As expressed by Elliot, “There is so much more to do here than just rehabilitation. I have some quality conversations with the staff. They are very personable and informative about multiple subjects. Along with that the recreation team offers an array of events to go to and socialize.” As Elliot’s stay is coming to an end at St. James Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, his expectations of our community have been exceeded and his personal goal of being able to go home and be with his wife within two months of his admission date is rapidly approaching. St. James is proud to serve Elliot as he has served our country as a national guard for six years during the Vietnam War! Congratulations to you, Elliot!