Patients Age: 47
Admission Date: 1/6/17
Admitted From: Mount Sinai West
Discharge Date: 3/28/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 81 days
Reason for Stay: Short Term Rehab
How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Social worker at Mount Sinai

Details of Experience:

Miss. Iglesias was admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City with a primary diagnosis of Leukemia and a secondary of fever, which with her medical condition was very dangerous. After being stabilized at the hospital, doctors were concerned for Miss. Iglesias’ safety if she were to be discharged home due to mobility concerns. Unfortunately, Miss. Iglesias was unable to walk at the time and had a very difficult time keeping her balance as she was very weak. The doctors felt it was best for her to be discharged to a sub-acute rehabilitation center where the social worker at the hospital began the process. Having previous experiences in other rehab centers, Miss. Iglesias’ mom felt confident that The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing Center was the place to go.

On January 6th, Miss Iglesias was transferred to The Riverside where she began her road to recovery; Miss Iglesias’s mom describes her family’s experience at The Riverside as follows.

“My daughter arrived here to The Riverside and she was not able to walk around and exhibited behaviors as well. I really have to say that from the moment we arrived the staff were very good to us and what was so important for my daughter was that they had patience. The nursing team were very nice and helpful and gave my daughter the time and attention she needed, especially Miss. Charlie who always went above and beyond the call of duty.”

“I live in Astoria, Queens so it could have been a major hassle for me to come to The Riverside to be able to spend time with my daughter and help her through the therapy. The Riverside had an amazing service where Jose, a chauffeur driver, came to my house and picked me up twice a week and brought me back and forth to The Riverside. Jose was a true gentleman and a special man who helped me make this process go as quick and as smooth as possible.

“I cannot say enough about the therapy team, when she came in here she was barely able to walk and could barely feed herself. As her therapy started it was a struggle to work with her because of the situation that she was in and her behaviors did not make it easier. The therapists, Alex and Robert, were patient and worked with her everyday. Slowly but surely they were able to get her back up on her feet so that she could walk. Now she is able to walk, she can use the stairs and she goes to the bathroom on her own. It is amazing to see the progress that she made here day-by-day. We have a four floor walk up apartment so in the beginning I felt it was going to be very hard, but we will be discharging tomorrow and my daughter can do it all on her own. I will forever be grateful for all the staff at The Riverside’s loving, caring, patient, genuine care.”