Patients Age: 82
Discharge Date: 3/24/17
Discharge To: Home Home with assistance of home care.
Reason for Stay: Experienced a mechanical fall, generalized weakness and impaired dynamic standing balance.
How did this patient hear about the Grand Pavilion? Former patient

Details of Experience:

Mr. Thomas Cox was admitted to the Grand Pavilion on 2/27/2017. He arrived to The Grand Pavilion from Nassau Hospital as he experienced a mechanical fall causing him to have an open cranial wound. Thomas had been with us in the past, making us the first choice for rehabilitation services. Due to generalized weakness and impaired dynamic standing balance Mr. Cox was at an increased risk of falling.

Upon arrival, Mr. Cox recognized all of his past caregivers and even asked about his previous occupational therapist, Roger. As a resident at The Grand Pavilion, Thomas was an easy going, upbeat gentleman. He was always very pleasant and cooperative with all of his caregivers. When asked of his social worker, Sarah, to describe Thomas in one word she replied, “cheerful!” He really knew how to enjoy every moment.

Mr. Cox arrived with one simple goal in mind: to reduce the risk of falling and return back home as functional as he was prior to his hospitalization. Both Roger, his occupational therapist, and Jude, his physical therapist, worked around the clock toward the common goal to ensure a decreased risk of falls and safe discharge home.

Evident by his ability to safely navigate stairs and ambulate with a rolling walker, Mr. Cox was steadily decreasing his need for caregiver assistance. Mr. Cox participated in a Tinetti balance assessment on arrival to The Grand Pavilion, which indicated him as a high risk for falls. Throughout his progress in skilled rehab services and re-assessments of his balance, Mr. Cox reduced his risk for falls, and it was no longer considered a risk for him to be home. This was the most rewarding of all aspects of his treatment as it was his area of greatest concern.

Mr. Cox was discharged from the Grand Pavilion on 3/24/2017 to his home with the arrangement of home care. It was a proud moment for us all and we wish Mr. Cox nothing but continue great health and a joyful season ahead!