Patients Age: 86
Admission Date: 2/22/17
Discharge To: South Nassau Communities Hospital
Discharge Date: 5/18/17
Length of Stay: 85 Days
Reason for Stay: Patient diagnosed with cellulitis and generalized muscle weakness.
How did this patient hear about the Grand Pavilion? They initially heard about the Grand Pavilion through a list they received from the Social Worker in South Nassau Communities Hospital. The family did their research and came to a decision.

Details of Experience:

Mr. Al Ogurek was admitted to the Grand Pavilion from South Nassau Communities Hospital on February 18, 2017. Mr. Ogurek had experienced multiple falls at home and had was diagnosed with cellulitis in his right leg as well as generalized muscle weakness. Upon arrival to the Grand Pavilion, Mr. Ogurek and his family were greeted by our amazing nursing team! The following morning when the family met with Mark, Director of Concierge Services, they only had pleasant things to say about their first impressions. In the words of Mr. Ogurek’s daughter, “We felt as if we were in a promotional video; everything was set up so nicely. You had the card and gift bag, and we truly felt that everyone was here to take care of us.” Al was known as a very friendly and kind gentleman. Unfortunately, he had lost his wife in the past year and was struggling with the reality of not having her by his side; he was still fighting to remain positive and become stronger. Al arrived with the entrusted goal to begin walking once again and also to have the ability to return home safely to his private residency.

Mr. Ogurek was experiencing a decrease in strength, an increased risk of falls, impaired functional mobility, reduced balance and required an increased need for caregiver assistance. For his activities of daily living, he required max assistance and for functional transfers with the assistance of two people. The goal of occupational therapy was to increase functional activity tolerance, improve motor control and tone in his upper extremities and enhance Mr. Ogurek’s quality of life by improving his ability to perform activities of daily living safely. It was the goal of physical therapy to enhance fall recovery abilities, facilitate increased independence with ambulation/stair negotiation, to increase lower extremities range of motion, thus minimizing falls and decreasing complaints of pain.

Al loved to participate in our music and arts therapeutic programs and would often participate with his daughter at his side. Al would report that the music and art therapy aided in his swift rehabilitation by giving him the opportunity to creatively express his emotions and enhance his daily experience.

Mr. Ogurek made continuous progress during his time in skilled rehabilitation sessions. Al initially required max assistance of two persons to complete all functional transfers and was unable to participate in ambulation tasks. On a daily basis, Al participated in therapeutic exercises to facilitate increased upper and lower extremity muscle strength, therapeutic activities in order to enhance ability to complete functional transfers and self-care tasks to facilitate a decreased need for caregiver assistance with daily activities of living. By the end of Al’s stay at The Grand Pavilion he was participating in a floor ambulation of approximately 50-75ft on a daily basis!

Al progressed with both PT and OT to the point where he was able to safely return to his prior living environment! The whole team at Grand Pavilion was delighted to provide him with a safe transition back home. When we met with Al the day he was scheduled to return home he was full of emotion and appreciation for all the amazing care that he received, and although he had become very comfortable with the Grand Pavilion culture, he was looking forward to taking the next step forward. The Grand Pavilion team was honored to have a hand in giving Mr. Ogurek the best experience possible.