Patients Age: 87
Admission Date: 5/12/17
Discharge To: Long Island Jewish Valley Stream Northwell Health
Discharge Date: 6/22/17
Length of Stay: 42 Days
Reason for Stay: Unspecified atrial fibrillation, hemiparesis following cerebral infarction affecting left non-dominant side and was experiencing generalized muscle weakness.

Details of Experience:

Mr. John Alexander was admitted to the Grand Pavilion from LIJ Northwell Hospital on May12, 2017. Mr. Alexander had a diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, hemiparesis following cerebral infarction affecting left non-dominant side and was experiencing generalized muscle weakness. John was a extremely laid back person, very family-oriented and would always speak of his beautiful grandchildren. He was a truck driver by trade and had the opportunity of traveling all over the country and particularly loved passing through Florida. Mr. Alexander was also always accompanied by his devoted wife and daughter, and although John was self-motivated when it came to getting stronger, they were always there encouraging him. John arrived with the goal of returning back home with his wife and to be independent again.

Mr. Alexander experienced a decrease in strength, endurance, impaired balance and decrease in functional activity tolerance. In regards to his activities of daily living, he required total dependence for toileting and dressing tasks, moderate assistances for self-feeding and hygiene/grooming tasks. The goal of occupational therapy was to increase independence in his daily living skills. It was the goal of physical therapy to enhance fall recovery abilities, facilitate increased independence with ambulation/stair negotiation, to increase lower extremity range of motion, thus minimizing falls and increasing safety awareness.

When Mark (our Director Of Concierge) sat alongside John to follow up on his experience here at The Grand Pavilion, he shared that he was extremely satisfied with the food and the care he received from the nursing team and was very appreciative of social work for keeping him in the loop in regards to his progress.

Mr. Alexander made tremendous progress during his time spent in skilled rehabilitation sessions. John initially required max assistance of two persons to complete all functional transfers and was unable to participate in ambulation tasks. On a daily basis, John participated in therapeutic exercises to facilitate increased ambulation and functional endurance with both upper and lower extremities. In the words of John when asked how his rehab services were coming along, “It’s going great! One amazing lady treats my hands and shoulders, and one lady takes care of my legs, ankles and knees.” By the end of John’s stay at The Grand Pavilion he was participating in floor ambulation of approximately 100 feet on a daily basis!

John progressed with both PT and OT to the point where he was able to safely return to his prior living environment. The whole team was delighted to provide him with a safe transition back home. John was up bright and early the day he was scheduled to return home and had a strong and independent look upon his face. We were so excited to see John come full circle and be able to return home safely. The Grand Pavilion team was honored to support Mr. Alexander in providing the best experience possible.