Patients Age: 67
Admission Date: 6/20/2017
Admitted From: Mt. Sinai Hospital Brooklyn
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: TBD
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Stroke and Respiratory failure
How did this patient hear about The Chateau? Social Worker at Hospital.

Details of Experience:

Mr. Serge Magnan was admitted to The Chateau at Brooklyn from Mt. Sinai Hospital Brooklyn Division on June 20th. Serge was rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke and falling into respiratory failure. In order to stabilize him at that time, the physicians at the hospital performed a tracheostomy and administered a feeding tube to assist him in receiving the nutrients he needed. After a stay in the hospital, Serge’s doctors were hopeful that with some time and rehabilitation he would be able to return back to the state that he was in prior to suffering his stroke. During that period, his family was doing research as to which facility they would send their father to, and decided to come to The Chateau at Brooklyn, which is known for its revered Respiratory Therapy program.

Upon admission to The Chateau, Serge was supported by a trach and feeding tube. When greeted by the wonderful therapists at The Chateau, each one assured Serge that with work and time they were hopeful that he would be able to make a full recovery. After a few weeks of working hard with the team, we are happy to observe how well he is improving. Arietta, our Respiratory Therapist, along with our Pulmonologist were able to safely remove Serge’s trach, so that he can breathe on his own again without the assistance of machines. Bianca, the speech therapist, was able to reintroduce foods to Serge so that he would be able to eat on his own, beginning with a puree diet, which is easier to swallow and working his way up to eating soft foods such as sandwiches. The physical and occupational therapists are working alongside him everyday to return him back to being the independent man that he was before suffering the stroke, and currently he is walking on his own with the assistance of a walker and able to take care of his activities of daily living with minimal supervision. In the coming weeks with continued rigorous and extensive therapy, we hope that Serge will continue to make significant progress and return home fully independent.

When speaking to Serge throughout his stay the common theme was always how amazed he was by his physical progress, how far he come along with therapy, but in addition to that he was constantly grateful for how above and beyond all the staff went to make sure he was comfortable and receiving everything he needed. “Whenever I rang the bell, it was almost instantly that a nurse or aide would respond and see what I needed. Kelly, the CNA in the mornings, treats me like a father, always so soft and never impatient, she puts a smile on my face every morning and I can’t thank her enough for that. Suzanne and Stephanie, my two nurses, even though they are probably so busy with other residents, they always come in specially to make sure that I am good. When my son came in to visit me from Florida I was worried how was he going to get back and forth from where he was staying to come visit me, when I found out about the chauffeur service that The Chateau offers I was blown away to see how far they go to make sure everyone is happy.”

We at The Chateau are happy to have helped Mr. Magnan return to his prior state of health!