Patients Age: 76
Admission Date: 5/17/2017
Admitted From: Maimonides Medical Center
Discharge Date: 8/24/2017
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 3 ½ Months
Reason for Stay: Fall at Home
How did this patient hear about The Chateau? Lives Locally

Details of Experience:

Ms. Maxine Rosenberg was admitted to The Chateau at Brooklyn on May 17, 2017 from Maimonides Medical Center. She was admitted to the hospital after experiencing a fall at home, and was notified that she had fractured her hip and wrist. Prior to her fall, Maxine was a very active and independent woman. She was very upset that she wouldn’t be able to return home and continue life the way she was used to living it. When voicing her concerns to the social worker at the hospital, they suggested that she admit to a rehabilitation facility where she would be able to obtain the assistance she needed to begin walking and utilizing her hand once again. After researching multiple facilities, she selected The Chateau at Brooklyn after receiving strong positive reviews and the proximity to her home.

Upon arriving to The Chateau, Maxine was greeted warmly by all disciplines. Each manager shared with her each of their unique roles to support her road to recovery. During this time, Maxine explained to the team how she was formerly capable to complete all Activities of Daily Living independently, and that she was worried that by being in a wheelchair and having her hand in a cast, she wouldn’t be able to maneuver at all and succeed in therapy.

The team assured her that even though at first it might be a little tough, once she begins the rehabilitation program, she would notice great progress. The therapy team showed her how to adapt to her injuries as her fractures continued to heal, while also providing therapeutic exercises to stimulate movement and range of motion.

At first, when she began in the rehabilitation gymnasium, she was noted as totally dependent and required assistance for all activities. After an intense rehabilitation journey, which included Maxine to participate in therapy six days per week and two hours per day (physical and occupational therapy), Maxine was finally able to return home completely independent and with the ability to perform Activities of Daily Living with total independence!

Prior to return home, Ms. Rosenberg shared her utmost gratitude to The Chateau for all that they have done for her in her time of need. “All of the staff at The Chateau have been really wonderful and helpful. Tracey, my PT, was excellent; she was there for me every step of the way, ensuring I was up on my feet and walking, all while motivating me and giving me the confidence that I needed to get to walk again. Erika, my OT, was also great! She helped me relearn the skills that I needed to use my hand again after it was casted for so long. All the nurses on the unit have been great, including Ms. Young and Ms. Tadros; they are very professional, warm and really caring. The nurses care about how their patients are feeling. The aids that have helped me have all been so gentle and soft while taking care of me. I loved sitting in the lobby at night and chatting with Denise, the Receptionist; she has a great listening ear. Marsha, your Medicaid Coordinator, was very helpful and held my hand throughout the very complicated process of getting all of the nooks and crannies of my insurances worked out. I will be forever grateful for what everyone here has done for me in my time of need”.

On Friday, August 25th Maxine returned to her home accompanied by her lovely friends who assisted her in settling back into her apartment comfortably. She was excited to be going home and to see her birds again, but promised everybody at The Chateau at Brooklyn that she would come back to visit us and say hello every now and again. We at The Chateau wish her nothing but good health and happiness!