Patient Age: 62
Admission Date: 8/3/17
Admitted From: Tristar Summit Medical Center
Reason for Stay: Fractured Hip

Details of Experience:

Eva Davis arrived at Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on August 3rd 2017 from TriStar Summit Medical Center. Due to her fractured hip, she required rehabilitation to assist strengthening her muscles and joints due to her fall. Ms. Davis was greeted by her nurses and techs upon her arrival at Gallatin Center. Within the next 48 hours, Eva Davis was greeted by each department manager, where they shared their role and what they love about the Gallatin Center community.

Within the first two weeks of Ms. Davis’s stay, she was given a clinical order to undergo therapy multiple times per week to continue building her strength post-surgery. “It was a struggle at first for me to do anything due to my hip,” stated Ms. Davis. “After three weeks, I started gaining my strength back and being able to do more and walk so much better.” The therapy team shared, “when she first arrived, it was difficult for her due to her hip pain, she truly could not do much, but after working with her she is now walking without a walker and with assistance!”
Eva Davis continues to thrive with the support from the Gallatin Center team as she continues to achieve her goals and progress towards her discharge date. At this time, Eva is walking with assistance, capable of completing additional lower extremity exercises, and also riding the bicycle to assist building her strength!