Patients Age: 87 and 67
Admission Date: 6/20/17 and 4/14/17
Admitted From: St. Luke’s Beth Israel
Discharge Date: TBD and 7/20/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 96 Days
Reason for Stay: Short Term Rehab
How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Friend referral

Details of Experience:

Miss. Doherty and Miss. Rosenthal have known each other for many years, so much that Miss. Doherty refers to Miss. Rosenthal as a mentor. They both got to know each other through an art club that is run by Miss. Rosenthal that they both took very close to heart. Miss. Doherty was successfully discharged from The Riverside several weeks ago, but periodically visits her close friend and mentor, Miss. Rosenthal.

We sat with both and asked how they felt how their experience was at The Riverside and this is what they shared:

Miss. Doherty arrived from Beth Israel Medical Center on April 14, 2017 where she was admitted for a fracture in her lower leg. She was at the hospital for several days in which she received treatments and was then referred to The Riverside for short term sub-acute rehabilitation. Miss. Doherty was welcomed into The Riverside by the entire interdisciplinary team as well as being assessed immediately so that she could begin her full road to recovery.

Miss. Doherty shares that she liked The Riverside so much that she referred her mentor, Miss. Rosenthal, to also admit to The Riverside for therapy. She shares that she is now safely back home receiving outpatient therapy. Miss. Doherty offered that the Physical and Occupational Therapy at the Riverside was superb, which truly helped her return back to walking on her own without any assistance.
She also shares that she enjoyed the” Lunch with the Chef” program that the dietary team put together as well as the Breakfast Club. She mentioned how she enjoyed the recreation programs like the Cooking Club and the Art Contest, in which Miss. Doherty won!

Miss. Doherty went on to express her appreciation to all the staff of The Riverside that assisted her through the hard times when she first arrived and had difficulty standing and transferring. The team pushed herself through every stage from getting up, to walking to the door, and then making it to the gym, finally being able to walk on her own! For that, she will forever be grateful!

Miss. Rosenthal, present throughout this time, agrees with Miss. Doherty, but wanted to add that she had an exceptional experience with her therapist, Steve. She explained that she was doing very well in therapy, but Steve always looked out for her beyond the actual therapy session. Miss. Rosenthal expresses that she is extremely grateful to Steve for looking out for her, not only for her mobility, but also for her wellbeing.

We wish both Miss Doherty and Miss Rosenthal a great healthy road ahead!